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Shipping Your Wine
Our secure shipping partner, VinoShipper, ships Meniketti Wines to 43 states.

An adult signature is required for all wine deliveries, so please ship to an address where someone over the age of 21 will be available to sign for the package. We suggest shipping to a place of business or to a UPS Access Point (there are over 4,000 UPS locations that will sign & hold packages for up to 7 days--during your order, select the “UPS Access Point” button and select the preferred delivery location).

Please note that if your shipment cannot be delivered on the first delivery attempt, you may be responsible for a rerouting fee and applicable charges to reship your order.

Shipments may be held due to extreme heat or cold temperatures in your area. During these times, we suggest that you choose expedited shipping or have us hold your order until cooler weather allows for uncompromised shipping conditions.


Tips for Wine Preservation

  • We suggest that all warm-weather and cold-weather residents choose expedited shipping.
  • So that your wine does not spend extended time on a delivery truck, we encourage you to ship to an address where someone over 21 years old will be accessible to sign for the package. (An adult signature is required.)
  • To ensure that your wines last, always store your bottles in a cool environment, away from temperature swings and direct sunlight. Heat is the #1 enemy of wine!
  • Our Meniketti Wines are best enjoyed within five years of release, though some library wines/older vintages may still be exceptional.


According to
Be careful with your storage temperatures. Wine is a living, breathing thing that evolves every day in the bottle. Be wary if it’s kept in temperatures above 75˚F for more than a few days. Above 80˚F, that wine is at risk with each passing hour.

Five Musts for Successful Cellaring (from

1. Keep it cool. Storage at or near 55˚F is optimal to ensure slow, patient maturation of the wine.

2. Mind the moisture. If the space is too humid, the labels can mildew. Too dry? Air space in the bottles (called “ullage”) will increase too fast over time.

3. Go dark. Light can penetrate clear glass wine bottles and affect the wine.

4. Do not disturb. Don’t store bottles where strong vibrations or frequent changes of position will stir the wine inside.

5. Take note. Keep accurate records of your purchases.



Wine Accessories

For special items, such as our Meniketti Wines 4-bottle tote, visit the Y&T/Meniketti of 4-bottle wine tote
Photo of ladies' Meniketti Wines shirt

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