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Dave & Jill in vineyardWine lover and rock star, Dave Meniketti, had been tempted by friends in the wine industry to start his own brand of fine wines. So with his wife, Jill, he started Meniketti Wines, sourcing grapes from premium California vineyards in the renowned Santa Lucia Highlands and Monterey appellations. Like everything Dave does in music and in life, he approaches wine with passion and taste.

“After many years of traveling and tasting wines all over the world, Jill and I strive to produce wines that impress our palates and make us proud. We’re truly excited to make these fine wines available to you.”
– Dave Meniketti


We aim for eco-friendliness wherever possible.

  • We buy our grapes directly from vineyards that implement SIP (Sustainable in Practice) certified farming. We’re proud to support farmers who are certified as practicing sustainability.
  • We purchase our oak barrels made-to-order from a top French cooperage that selects trees from the most renowned, sustainably managed forests in France. We reuse our barrels.
  • We bottle our wines with lighter weight glass (manufactured in the USA), which requires less energy and less water to produce, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.
  • We bottle using 100% natural cork, which is a biodegradable and renewable resource. Natural corks can be composted or recycled at these locations.
  • Our wines are vegan. We do not use animal products to fine the wines.
  • Shipments via our webstore are UPS Carbon Neutral.

Family-owned. Thank you for supporting our small family business.

Dave Meniketti is the lead singer, lead guitarist, principal songwriter, and founder of the globetrotting rock band, Y&T.

Jill Meniketti is the manager for rock band Y&T, plus, she’s an author.

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How We Got Here


Dave Starts What Becomes The Iconic San Francisco Bay Area Rock Band Y&T

Photo of Dave circa 1976


photo of early Y&T


First World Tour

photo of Dave Meniketti 1982

Growing in popularity, Dave’s band, Y&T, records Black Tiger—their second album for A&M Records—in England and embarks on their first-ever world tour.

Y&T at Ridge Farm UK 1982


For the second time, Y&T tours with AC/DC.


Photo of Y&T and AC/DC merch


Like other bands that later become big names, Motley Crue opens up for Y&T—Yeah, you read that right, Motley Crue opened the show for headliners Y&T.


Photo of Y&T / Motley Crue ticket


First Music Video & More

Y&T’s first music video Mean Streak (from their 3rd album on A&M Records) hits MTV and radio worldwide. Y&T is on some of the world’s biggest tours, including DIO in the US and Ozzy in Europe.


Photo of Dio/Y&T ticket


Dave wins a Bammy Award for Best Bay Area Guitarist, beating out other great players, such as Neal Schon (Journey), Craig Chaquico (Starship).


Photo of Bam Mag Cover


Marriage & TV

After several years of dating, Dave and Jill get married.


Photo of Dave & Jill


Dave and band appear on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.


Y&T & Dick Clark - American Bandstand TV


Hits & More Touring

Y&T’s Summertime Girls single and the accompanying good-humored music video become a huge hit on MTV and radio worldwide. With a popular song soaring in the charts, Y&T has a big touring year first with Motley Crue and then with Aerosmith.


Photo of Y&T onstage


Y&T plays Bill’s Graham’s iconic (and sold out) Day on the Green at the Oakland Coliseum for 66,000 Bay Area fans.


Poster of Day on the Green 1985


Photo of Y&T Oakland 1985


Y&T continues recording & touring the world

You get the idea—now that you know how cool Dave is 😎, we’re glossing over this batch of years to get closer to the wine stuff . . . 🤘😃🥂🍷


Photo of Dave 1987


Photo of Dave onstage 1987

Photo of Dave & Jill 1980s


Photo of Y&T KOME sticker


When in Rome

Not yet wine afficionados, on a family trip to Italy, Dave and Jill decide to join the family in drinking wine at each dinner . . . and they fall in love with Italian wines. From this moment, the quest is on to find excellent wine.


Photo of wine & food


A World of Tastes

After the ’90s grunge-era kicked rock music to the curb, the genre (now deemed “classic rock”) experiences a strong resurgence, and Y&T resumes extensive world touring. This presents Dave and Jill with the perfect opportunity to expand their palates and explore exceptional wines around the world.


Photo of Dave with wine


Photo of Eiffel Tower at night




This is *not* Spinal Tap

Ready to part ways with their longtime manager, Y&T’s drummer, Leonard Haze, suggests asking Jill to manage the band. The other members agree, but Dave is hesitant—not that he doesn’t think she can handle it, but only because he knows his wife is a workaholic. Once Jill kicks their asses in her first year of management, Dave is quite pleased to have his wife at the helm.


Photo of Dave & Jill





OK, just sneaking this in to gloat a little

Dave is ranked in the Top Five position of the San Jose Mercury News and East Bay Times list of the Bay Area’s 25 Greatest Guitar Players.


Photo of Dave


Around the world with wine & song

As Y&T continues touring the world each year, Dave & Jill continue to explore Europe’s many wine regions, finding new favorites time and again.


Photo of Dave & Jill


Photo of Alsacian wine block marker


Photo of wine tasting settings in Florence


The Temptation of Dave

Friends in the local wine industry start suggesting that Dave’s palate is so good he should produce his own wines. Dave has no interest in being another rock star who just slaps his own label on any old bottle of wine. But over the next few years, industry friends continue to insist they can help Dave produce his own wines.




We get our groove on

Jill’s first novel, Welcome to Groove House, is published . . .


Cover of book Welcome to Groove House


. . . And Meniketti Wines is born. Thanks to help from wine industry friends at Testarossa Winery, Dave decides to move forward with his own brand of wines. Meniketti Wines’ inaugural release features a 2013 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Dave with a glass of wine


Grapes & Barrels

Meniketti Wines goes all in, moving away from Testarossa and hiring supreme winemaker Sabrine Rodems, leasing cellar space at the foot of the Santa Lucia Highlands, striking deals directly with premium grape farmers, and purchasing French oak barrels directly from a premier cooperage in France.


Photo of Tondre grapes



Photo of Meniketti grape crush


Photo of barrels @ cooperage in France


Photo of new barrels



We won!

For the first time ever, Meniketti Wines enters a wine competition—the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (the largest wine competition in North America)—and wins two medals: a Silver (2017 Temptation Rosé) and a Bronze (2016 Forever Pinot Noir).


Bottles of wine


Also, the long-awaited Y&T documentary—Y&T: On With the Show—is released.


Movie poster



Five for the Win

Meniketti Wines wins five medals in the 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (the largest wine competition in North America): three Golds (2018 Temptation Rosé, 2017 Forever Pinot Noir, 2018 Black Tiger Syrah) and two Silvers (2018 Shine On Sauvignon Blanc, 2017 Contagious Chardonnay).


Bottles of Meniketti wine




Another win!

Meniketti Wines wins Gold & Silver in the 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (the largest wine competition in North America): 2017 Contagious Chardonnay – Gold & 2019 Temptation Rosé – Silver.


2 bottles of wine, award badges, and confetti