Dave & Jill in vineyardWine lover and rock star, Dave Meniketti, had been tempted by friends in the wine industry to start his own brand of fine wines. So with his wife, Jill, he started Meniketti Wines, partnering with premier California vineyards in the renowned Santa Lucia Highlands and Monterey appellations. Like everything Dave does in music and in life, he approaches wine with passion and taste.

“After many years of traveling and tasting wines all over the world, Jill and I strive to produce wines that impress our palates and make us proud. We’re truly excited to make these fine wines available to you.”
– Dave Meniketti


We aim for eco-friendliness wherever possible.

  • We buy our grapes directly from vineyards that implement SIP (Sustainable in Practice) certified farming. We’re proud to support farmers who are certified as practicing sustainability.
  • We bottle our wines with lighter weight glass (manufactured in the USA), which requires less energy and less water to produce, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.
  • We bottle using 100% natural cork, which is a biodegradable and renewable resource. Natural corks can be composted or recycled at these locations.
  • Our wines are vegan. We do not use animal products to fine the wines.


Dave Meniketti is the lead singer, lead guitarist, principal songwriter, and founder of the globetrotting rock band, Y&T.

Jill Meniketti is the manager for rock band Y&T, plus, she’s an author.

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